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Surveillance in Sweden

Computer stuff Posted on Nov 20, 2013 22:13:57

FRA – Försvarets radioanstallt (Eng: National Defence Radio Establishment, reference 1) in Sweden is operating on assignment by the government and armed forces.
Basically FRA only intercept traffic passing Swedish borders.

SÄPO – Säkerhetspolisen (Eng: Swedish Security Service, reference 2) on the other hand is working both giving assignments to FRA as well as domestic. Recently a leak provided Swedish Raido with information regarding automize domestic surveillance which they followed up by contacting SÄPO and also got information from Maintrac, a company that is currently testing the automated system. (Reference 3)

According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, FRA has worked with NSA (National Surveillance Agency, USA) and GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarter, British, reference 4), which FRA themselves has also confirmed by the new General Director of FRA and also in FRA’s pressconference with Swedish media. (Reference 5, 6, 7)

However, it has not been declared what kind of informational exchanges other than that sometimes surveillance is required in some part of the world Sweden does not have access to and also sometimes require help with understanding what type a certain signal is.

Now the Swedish Attorney General, Beatrice Ask, opens up for total surveillance, i.e. that the FRA law to be widen to domestic surveillance. This was feared in 2008 and even more 2009.
(Reference 8)

The documents leaked by Edward Snowden also revealed that exchange of surveillance information has damaged businesses between companies. This was also referred to in a Swedish Parliament debate regarding integrity on the internet.
(Reference 9)

The secrecy of how much and what type of information is exchanged between our nations security organisations are alarming. Why is it not more transparant?
They claim that the secrecy is required by the nature of surveillance, to be able to do their job.

A while ago, a poll (Reference 10) was done by SIFO (Svenska institutet för opinionsundersökningar / Swedish Institute of Opinion Research) where they asked:
Are you afraid of being tapped by Swedish or international state, on the phone or monitored on the internet?

Yes, afraid of being tapped
7 % (men 11 %, women 3 %)

Yes, afraid of being monitored on internet
13 % (men 16 %, women 10 %)

No, not afraid of being tapped or monitored
75 % (men 71 %, women 78 %)

Unsure or don’t know
11 % (men 10 %, women 11 %)

But according an article (Reference 11), the question is not giving an answer of the actual acceptance of surveillance. If they are personally afraid of being tapped or monitored contra what their acceptance of tapping and monitoring all traffic in Sweden are two very different questions.
Another poll asked what swedes think about acceptance of being monitored and tapped by government agencies without any suspicion of crime.
72% answers that is shouldn’t be allowed
18% answers that it can happen
10% answers that they don’t know

All of a sudden, the figures are the opposite and speaks for themselves.

The conclusion is that the Swedish people have very low understanding of what all of this means. They feel that they are good citizens, not criminal and have nothing to worry about. If everybody understood that we are about to be tapped and monitored by the new automated system being tested – all phone calls and internet traffic, domestic and international will be tracked. Not only individuals, but also companies and government agencies.

For me that is outrageous. Not that I have so much to hide personally, but I do have a lot of business ideas and intellectual property that I have written down. I also sometimes speak with friends, that I trust, about some of them. I don’t want anybody else to retrieve that kind of information and perhaps even giving them to someone else.

One thought that has crossed my mind is, if the drones of this country doesn’t learn about what the surveillance affects and means, we will perhaps end up with a vote (either by the government or hopefully by Swedish citizens) regarding total surveillance of Swedish citizens. If we lose this, why don’t we let NSA do the work and Sweden become a state of USA. At least then we would have green cards to stay and work there…

No! We must stop this madness now!

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Leadership – Common sense, coaching & Change Management

Profession / Work Posted on Nov 19, 2013 13:39:59

I just read an article (, in Swedish) regarding Vineet Nayar‘s view of leadership.

Vineet Nayar is CEO of HCL Technologies and have also written about the course of change the company has gone through in i his bestseller “Employees first, customers second”, published 2010, according to the article.
(Note: I have not read the book myself.)
Mr Nayar also blogs at Harvard Business Review. (

The title of the article is “Caution build good leaders” (translated by me). According to the article, Mr Nayar claims that doubt is an important characterstic for a leader.

He talks about having three teenagers by the time he got the position as CEO and that strict control and regulations caused more rebellic. The only leadership style that worked with the teenagers were cooperation and discussion oriented style.

Translating from Swedish again:
“People actually want to cooperate, they want to know that you haven’t decided. They want to know that your idea not only is your own, but everybody’s idea.”

My own reflection
This is not new, but important to underline. Whatever you are about to do in a company, if it is to get a CEO and his/her Vice Presidents or a steering committee onboard, middle managers, line managers or even employees, you have to listen to what is said. You have to coach the dialogue to examine all possible angles (that are useful/constructive). If you do that, you will examine all possible direction and at the same time get a buy-in from participants as they are part of the chosen direction.

Are you there yet?
NO! Then comes the most important thing. Everything require Change Management, which includes:
– a (project) plan of how to do it
– follow up/measurement
– actual implementation (incl. change of steering documents; processes and instructions)
– and last, very often forgotten or too few resources allocated, is education/training.

This is why Toyota have the Toyota Way and Volvo have their Operational Development programme as well as Project Models – company specific structure of how to do things, controlled and require input from all employee levels and cross functional.

Personally I prefer the Six Sigma DMAIC project model for all process changes, i.e. changes that are bigger than a one week task for one FTE (Full Time Equivalent), if not using for example Operational Development structure.
DMAIC stands for:

Define – Define the problem, i.e. find the possible root causes.

Measure – Measure As-Is to determine the root cause and to be able to measure change after improvement. (Remember, that even areas which are more subjective or for some other reason are not possible to measure actual figures, there is always a possibility to describe “what it feels like”, using happy/satisfied/unhappy faces, green/yellow/red or whatever you prefer.)

Analyze – Analyse possible solutions to fix the root cause (and not the symptoms) and set up improve/implementation plan. “Putting a band aid on a fire does not work. Cut the air supply.”

Improve (Implement) – Make the improvement/implementation, including change steering documents (process maps, flowcharts, instructions, role descriptions, job descriptions a.s.o.) and educate/train all involved.

Control – Control that the implemented solution at least suffice and hopefully overachieve by comparing To-Be measurements (after improvement/implementation) with As-Is measurements (from Measure phase). Also includes checking that employees follow the To-Be process and the supporting systems the way the improvement intended and is documented.

Moving blog “soon”…

Computer stuff Posted on Oct 30, 2013 12:37:48

I have started to work on my new site, which is going to be dynamic – using PHP, mySQL database and some cool libraries/plugins, like for example Google Charts and Twitter Bootstrap a.s.o.

At some point, I will create my own blog and then of course discontinue this one. Hopefully there is some non-cumbersome way to transfer all the blog posts from this blog to my new.

Rån i Sverige / Robberies in Sweden (in Swedish only)

Life n Stuff... Posted on Jan 12, 2013 17:50:55

Nu är det dags att höja straff för väpnade rån i Sverige!

Södertälje, 2013-01-08 ?
Det har varit rån i Södertälje mot en guldaffär, där polisen sköt en av rånarna i huvudet då rånarna hade AK47:or.

Aftonbladet lade upp en film som någon hade filmat med sin mobil, där man kan se hela skottdramat.

I artikeln beskrivs även att rånarna inte sköt ett enda skott och framkom även att den skottskadade rånaren hade en replika av AK47.

Då aftonbladet lagt in en massa snack och redigerat en del av filmen, länkar jag även här den kompletta filmen:

Utredningen (som alltid görs efter en polis avlossat skott från sitt tjänstevapen) ledde till domen att poliserna agerat rätt och inte begått tjänstefel.

Rånarna sköt aldrig mot polisen och polisen har därför fått mycket skit från media och viss del allmänheten också.

Polisen gjorde inget fel, då rånare med AK47 utgör dels hot mot allmänheten och dels mot poliserna själva och måste stoppas till varje pris. Då tungt beväpnade rånare ofta även har skottsäkra västar kan man inte riskera att skjuta i bröstet utan tvingas skjuta mot hals och huvud för att omedelbart stoppa rånaren.

Samtliga rånare och inblandade i rånet tros ha gripits. Den rånare som sköts i huvudet har avlidit.

Täby (Stockholm), 2013-01-10

2-3 dagar efter det väpnade rånet i Södertälje var det ett nytt väpnat rån mot Handelsbanken i Täby.

Rånarna fick inte med sig några pengar från banken. Polisen blev beskjutna först en gång där skotten tog i framrutan på polisbilen och hamnade mellan poliserna. Andra gången de blev beskjutna svarade polisen med eldgivning.

Eskilstuna, 2013-01-12

Ytterligare några dagar har det varit ett väpnat rån mot en mataffär i Eskilstuna (ca 10mil väster om Stockholm). Rånaren tros ha fått med sig mellan 12000-20000kr och affären stängde efter rånet.

Mannen var beväpnad med “något pistolliknande föremål”.

Mina reflektioner

Polisen verkar framför allt angående rånet i Södertälje agerat snabbt och haft mycket bra samarbete för att kartlägga situationen och därefter agerat snabbt med insatser (enligt

Då rån inte sker endast i Stockholm behövs det spridas dels erfarenhet och dels finnas tillgång till ovanstående hjälp även i andra län (om det inte redan finns) för att snabbt kunna hitta rånare (och mördare).

Utan att veta, känns det som att Sverige betraktas som ett lätt land att komma undan med större dåd, och om man åker fast, är straffen skrattretande. Dels att det är så låga straff, som kort tid i fängelse och Sveriges fängelser, får internerna egna celler med både tv och tv-spel samt bättre mat än i Sveriges skolor.

Dessutom, så fort polisen skjuter eller gör något överhududtaget för att ta itu med bråkmakare är media och polishatare igång med att beskylla poliserna istället för att beskylla bråkmakarna.

Det är fel! Om något, ska vi hylla poliserna som sätter sitt liv på spel när de agerar mot rånare och andra lågliv för att skydda allmänheten.

Sverige får mer och mer grova brott och det är dags att höja straffen för våldsbrotten inkl. väpnat rån. Det är dags att stå på polisernas och allmänhetens sida för ett säkrare samhälle.

Vi ska inte tolerera brott och heller inte gå på medias försök att svartmåla polisen. Förstår inte hur försvarsadvokaterna ens kan yttra om tanke att stämma polisen för civilrätt, när rånaren öppenbarligen bar en AK47 och riktade mot polisen. Sen att det var en replika spelar ingen roll.

Förstår heller inte hur media kan skriva den skottskadade rånarens anhörigas kommentarer som att “Han är en snäll person och kan inte ha gjort det” och liknande. Det har på senare tid skrivits om att polisen tidigare har misstänkt flera av rånarna för andra grova brott. De var alltså kända sedan tidigare och därmed ingen svärmorsdröm. Punkt slut!

Vi daltar för mycket med ungdomar i skolåldern och lärare får inte ens ta tag i de längre i skolorna. Samtidigt misshandlas lärare då och då.

Vi daltar med brottslingar och beskyller polisen.

Sluta upp med detta genast Sverige och se till att straffsatserna höjs och att polisen har tillräckligt med resurser för att hålla Sverige rent från avskum!

So much to do…and so little time…

Life n Stuff... Posted on Oct 09, 2012 00:12:30

*phew*…I have so much to do and so little time.

Studying two courses now and only two weeks left in those courses.

– Concurrent Programming – learning threads, semaphores, monitors, locks, conditions, JR Programming and will now have an exercise in Erlang (functional programming). So now I am trying to learn Erlang enough to be able to do the assignment with my lab partner.

– Software Engineering Project – which is supposed to be about project model/methodologies, but the course include dividing us into groups of five and all groups should make an Android App. Since no one in my group have no experience at all in App development or server configurations, databases and SQL, nor Git, we are really struggling getting anything up at all. Getting worried that we will have anything in place other than a fancy GUI and no functionality.

We have got the server connection working, by only connect with socket to the server and send messages to the server, but we need to get the server working with a Web Server as well. Have installed XAMPP with Apache Web Server, PHPMyAdmin and SQL to be able to set up a database with tables for users and groups being able to add users and groups and then have some authorization and connection to clients (Android phones). Still a h*ll of a lot to do and time is slipping away…

Then besides school, I am also working at CTK (Chalmers TeknologKonsulter / Chalmers Technology Consultants) where I have been mostly spending time on “selling” (building relations with companies) and will now probably start on a project to build a web portal for customers of a client to have a discussion forum. This should be done in Ruby on Rails, so therefore I am starting to learn RoR on the side to be able to work in the project.

Find it hard to get time to spend with friends and family as well as doing stuff for survival (washing etc) and get enough sleep…

Learn you some Erlang (.com)

Computer stuff Posted on Oct 08, 2012 17:08:35

In the course Concurrent Programming, we have so far worked with threads, semaphores, monitors, locks, conditions and JR programming.
Next assignment (no.4) we will use Erlang.

Good page to learn Erlang:

(And to learn Haskel, .)

Sales meeting…

Computer stuff Posted on Oct 03, 2012 00:51:52

I went to a potential client for CTK (Chalmers Technology Consultants) for a sales meeting today, or how they should be called, client relation meeting since it is more about building a relation.

Anyhow, they are working with MS Software Center and work especially in .Net and thereby mostly programming in C#.

Found a tutorial for .Net development which seems good…saving it for when I have time…:


Computer stuff Posted on Sep 26, 2012 01:03:00

Started to learn some database 101, as we need it in our Software Engineering Project course where we are working on an Android App with a client-server solution and need to store information in databases on the server.

Have started with this one…

…and have also ordered the book “Database Systems: The Complete Book: International Version, 2/E” ( today, which we will use in the Database course next study period.

Will get it in about 5 working days.

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