On my stove right now, a Chicken Thai food with Red Curry is cooking.


Olive Oil
Fish Sauce
“Wook spice”

½ Egg Plant
½ Zuccini
½ medium size Fennel
½ Celery root
1 Carrot
½ Yellow Onion
5 Mushrooms

2 cans of Coconut Milk
2 spoons of Red Curry Paste
2 Chilis
1 Lime fruit
1kg Chicken Legs

How to do…:
Started with a wookpan, pouring some Olive Oil, Soy, Fish Sauce and some “Wook spice”…heating it up good.

While heating up quickly chop up the vegetables and throw them in, starting with the hard ones, so they get most time in the pan. The harder vegetable, the smaller pieces and vice versa, except onion because need to have it fine to spread the good flavor good.

When all vegetables are in, put a lid on it for a while and have them steamed in their own fluid, as many of them hold a lot of water.

Open the cans of Coconut Milk and pour it in and then Red Curry paste, Chilis, Lime and now you have a good stew to put in the last, the chicken.
This time I used Chicken legs and I kept the bones. Think the bones will give more flavor to this meal.

Serve with rice.

This is estimated be 4-5 meals.