I have been working on a web site for my friend, Barry Fisher, for a long time but now it is finally finished and launched!
Have a look!


Preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox (and probably other good as well) but works limited on Microsoft Internet Explorer (since it is crap).

I have struggled a lot with especially the javascripts for the “Showcase” page, which is a page showing off his art one by one above a couch with the purpose that you should feel that you are in a/your living room.
There you can change the background color (the wall) either by using the predefined ones or writing in the color code field, to try finding the color which you have at home. Then you can click through the paintings one by one or if you like skipping some, just type in any number between 1 and the highest number (currently 28 paintings).

Think it looks great with the automatic positioning to the center (width) and middle (height) depending on the size of the painting, which also give you the feeling of how big the painting actually is.

To support the living room feeling I have also added a wooden floor and a floor list to break off and get the feeling of a real floor and the wall.

Almost everything I have done by myself in HTML, CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) and Javascript.
The only thing I have downloaded is the scripts for the “click to get bigger picture” function, which fades the whole page and then resizes the image to the file dimensions and showing text about the painting.

Pretty cool I think.