Last weekend I went to Sälen with some friends to ski and have fun. I was picked up by Henrick here in Gothenburg and went to Sälen last Thursday. We arrived late (around 01:15 AM Thursday night) and we only had a beer and talked some with the others before going to bed.

Friday we went to get our ski pass and hire equipment except skies, as it was ski testing weekend. We went downhill three times and then one of the friends called me and asked where I was at and when I told him I was below the hills he asked me to get some snowmobile as another friend, Staffan, had fallen below the ski lift and injured himself.

So I got told a lift guide that my friend had injured himself and needed a snowmobile fast and then Henrick and I went up there as soon as we could. When we arrived there, Staffan laid on his side and already 5 ski patrol guys were trying to fix his back and neck. To make a story short, the fixed everything and put him on a board and then we helped carrying him to the snowmobile and they took him down to the doctor.

The doctor examined him and said that there was no nerve damage anyhow, but probably a number of ribs broken and possible two vertebra (SWE: ryggkotor) cracked.

Staffan then went to Mora hospital to get it x-rayed which confirmed 4 broken ribs, two cracked ribs, two cracked vertebra.

I can’t even imagine the pain.

Staffan is still at Mora Hospital getting drugs for his pain and can’t really move. Perhaps tomorrow or Thursday he will be transported back to Eskilstuna. I really hope he will be better soon.

Apart from Staffans own adventure, we had really fun. The Afterski was really good and we also went to Högfjällshotellet Saturday night and it was a blast!

I went back to Gothenburg with two guys from the other gang and I felt really bad during the 11 hour trip back. I thought I only was hangover from the party Saturday night, but I was probably already sick. I have been sick at home both Monday and Tuesday now and probably will stay in bed tomorrow as well.

Unfortunately I missed a test at school today, but I couldn’t get up since I am both feeling ill and my balance is not good either.