…no see. Last time was December 2 and I have had examinations before Christmas which went well. Passed (Grade 3) in Electrical Circuits and Very Well (Grade 5) in Program Development (C programming).

Christmas was nice, back home with my parents and New Years we had a nice party, 16 people in total. Was really nice.

I am moving out my apartment and I have sold some furnitures but still have some to sell, such as couch and the double bed.

Have taken some days off to pack all the things. Will store some in a storage Staffan (a close friend) is hiring and only a few selected things to go with me to Gothenburg/Göteborg.

So, I have not been studying that much yet this semester, but I will have to study hard as soon as I have handed over the keys to the apartment and is back in Gothenburg. Will then try to use the study journal as it should be used, meaning daily.