The last couple of weeks I have been in Eskilstuna trying to sell all my furniture (bed, couch, big loudspeakers, tables etc, boxing everything for storage and move to my new dorm room. Last weekend I cleaned all weekend and even in the night. Even though I got some help from my parents, Emil (a friend) and especially from my girlfriend Nerea we were ready the same minute that I was going to hand over the keys. Luckily everything went well and it really feels good not having the apartment anymore with the economic pressure.

My dorm room is full with boxes and bags but I will try to store them in a more efficient way so I get more space in the room. Tricky with a lot of stuff and only 18.5 sq.m’s.

Yesterday Nerea came visiting me and will stay the whole weekend. Very nice.

We will have some brunch now and then take a long walk in Gothenburg/Göteborg. I don’t know what we will do tonight but I hope something fun. No plan yet.