Long time since I wrote here.

Since I wrote, I have had exam in the environment course and sadly I didn’t get enough points on it to pass. Really boring course with too high expectations from the teachers and also bad lectures by the same.

It should be ok with the total points I have got from all the courses so far, to get funding from CSN; i.e. student loan.

I got an assignment as summer work (through my job that I have study leave from), to map processes for how Volvo CE work with Telematics and together with VGT (Volvo Group Telematics), the interfaces between the two. I have been doing that for four weeks now and have three weeks left. So far I have more or less only been interviewing a lot of people to get as much information as I can. Have also been doing some draft material and will start with some of the final documentation tomorrow.

The expectations from the steering committee is that I will not finished with all documentation so we will have a meeting in Gothenburg in the end of August also, to present and hand over the work.

Can also be that I can do some extra work for Volvo since VGT is located only 100 meters from where I study. I need to check how much I can earn before I loose student money and how it works. But it would be nice with some extra work. Of course the studies has to come first.