Wednesday, September 28, a couple of class mates and I went to school to study even though we have no lectures on Wednesdays.

We worked some on the Real Time system elaboration and then some Linear Systems.

Thursday, September 29, we had lab in Real Time Systems and created programs in C which worked more or less the same but with parallel processes and swapping between them using semaphores and thereby didn’t have to use IRQ. Only the internal interrupt by the kernel.

After the lab we continued the studying of Linear Systems.

Friday, September 30, we had a lecture in Linear Systems and where we went through the Z transform.

After the lecture we continued studying Linear Systems.

During the weekend (October 1-2) I read some in Linear Systems mainly, but should have read more and done some more calculation.

Today, Monday October 3, some class mates and I started with the assignment we have in Linear Systems which consist of four tasks of which three of them should be done in MathLab. We started to try understand the circuit in the first task which is

a filter circuit consisting of three resistors and one conductor. See assignment attached.

We now know how we can redraw the circuit to easier understand how it is connected and how we can calculate.

13:15 we had an exercise where we got some input regarding the assignment and I remembered correctly and had made the correct conversion.

Our professor also calculated an exercise from the book, 4.45, which is more or less the same as task number 2. Hopefully we can reuse the same method and just add a calculation since there was one resistor and one conductor in parallel instead of only a single resistor.

At 15:15 we had another lecture in Linear Systems where our other professor continued to show us how to work with the Z transform (very similiar to Laplace) and then also showed the inverse of it.

17:00, after the lecture three class mates and I went to get some food and then we continued with the Linear Systems to 19:30.

Tomorrow we will have a lecture 08:30-10:15 in Real Time Systems, 10:30-12:15 Exercise in Real Time Systems, Lunch and 13:15-15:00 Lecture in Linear Systems. After the lectures we have decided to study between 15:00-19:00 (I think we said).