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Math programs

Computer stuff Posted on Oct 06, 2011 01:22:14

I have today installed MatLab ( as an Academic User with activation key from Chalmers University of Technology, i.e. my school.

Have tried it some in school and today I have been elaborating some as we have an assignment in our Linear Systems course for Monday.

When I told a friend of mine, he quickly suggested that there are better programs that I should install instead.

SciPy –

SciPy seems to be a mathematics program based on/using Python programming language.


A GNU program for numerical computing.

I have heard that Python is a very good programming language and easy to learn, so I guess I will SciPy if any. Even though I am pretty sure I won’t be calculate much in my future positions, it can’t hurt to have some knowledge in these mathematics programs.

Oct 4-5, 2011

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Oct 06, 2011 01:11:32

Oct 4, 2011

I stayed at home since I couldn’t sleep during the night and then I read some in the book to understand better how the Linear Systems work with Fourier analysis and Laplace.

Oct 5, 2011

My lab partner and I met 11 AM and continued our work with the assignment in Linear Systems. She had finished the tasks 3a and 3b, drawing it in MatLab. We finished the task 2 and draw it in MatLab.

We continued with the task 1 but then we got stuck and we have some questions to our professor. Then we said that we should read the book regarding how to do the calculation for task 4 and do it ourselves during the evening and meet before lunch tomorrow to check it together and do whatever is required to finish the rest.

We have to hand it in on Monday at the latest.


I have installed MatLab with an academic user license on my laptop and have started to work on the task 3a and 3b by myself to understand it, since my class mate did it on her own and I had not done it.

Then I have been working on task 4, reading an example in the book and then done some calculations. Will try it asap in MatLab and see what happens…how it will look like.

Quite fun when you can test the equations and modify them and just press F5 and see how the graph result is for the new modified equation.

Task 2 – result: