Today was the first day of study period 2, this second year of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

Unfortunately I missed the first lecture, Object Oriented Programming (in Java), but did not really miss much. They went through what will be included in the course and then briefly looked at BlueJ (, which will be the Java Development platform we will use.

Then I attended the lecture in Dynamic Systems & Control Engineering where we also went through what will be included in the course and then started to look at some examples of Controlled Systems.

For example, a complex controlled system is the autopilot on a fighter plane. The system must measure a lot of signals such as speed, altitude, direction, elevation, angle, thrust, weight or fuel tank level(s) a.s.o. and then calculate everything and control the thrust, rudder etc to steer the plane good in wanted direction or towards next way point.

After lunch we had the afternoon free of lectures and we went to the shop, buying the course literature and started to read and answer tasks.

Now, in the evening, I am reading the page 1-37 or if I manage I will also finish tomorrows homework, to page 57 in Control Engineering.

Would also like to go through some Java and try out BlueJ which I have installed 30 minutes ago. We don’t have any Java until Wednesday, so no hurry though.