During the night I woke up seven times and every time I had a new idea worth writing down…

I have been creative earlier, coming up with a lot of ideas for businesses but tonight I had a real flow, like a fountain of ideas. Guess it is because I am participating in Venture Cup, which is a competition of Business Ideas and Business Plans, and now is inspiring me to this creativity.
Then of course all of them might not even be a valid idea to take further in the venture creating process since they might be already developed and hard to compete with, but even so, nice to have so much ideas.

Before I added them to the list of my ideas, I had 25 ideas on the list. Since two of the ideas during the night was only additional ideas to one existing idea, I now have 30 in total, minus one that I have abandoned because it already exist and I don’t think I can beat the existing one.

Some of the ideas I am very optimistic of and am thinking if I should add any of them to this year competition of Venture Cup since it is still possible to add until February 7:th 2012. (Started Nov 1 2011 and finish in May 2012, I think.)
Two reasons not to add them to the current competition are:

* I already have two of my business ideas in the competition and it will take a lot of time to work with only those two.

* The first round in the competition has already ended, with awards (10k SEK) to the best 10 ideas and if I have a chance of winning that kind of money for any of my other business ideas, it could be worth waiting until autumn 2012…(unless anybody else comes up with the same idea and beat me to it).