One thing that is very important to me, even though it might not look that way, is music. Even though I can’t sing or play any instrument, I have always enjoyed music and listening to a lot of music whatever I do.

With that said, I have discovered (actually a number of years back) that I really love watching first time auditions in X-Factor especially and before that Idol and Britain’s got Talent.

You might think that I like the ones that are bad performers and can laugh about it. Sure, it can be fun to watch, but the true joy for me is when people that haven’t succeeded earlier enters the stage and have a great voice and takes the audience and jury panel with a storm.

Ofcourse it’s nice to see their development as they progress in the competitions as well, but I almost always like the

I do have my favourites…in non-specific order:
(For all links below, there are often better qualities than default, so check that.)

Janet Devlin (Britain’s X-Factor 2011)

Cute 16 year old girl from Ireland which has an voice of an angel. She has that specific way that I have only heard Irish singers do, where she break the tones from a note to another. Don’t know the word for it, but it sounds great! (3:49 and 4:21 in this video are two examples of what I mean.)

In her first audition she performs Your Song by Elton John. She of course went through to the next round and all the way to the final.

Amelia Lily (Britain’s X-Factor 2011)

Another 16 year old with a great voice. Performs Janice Joplin’s Piece Of My Heart. Really good voice and reminds me of Joss Stone a bit. Would be great to see Joss Stone and Amilia Lily perform a bunch of Janice Joplin songs…

Jade Richards (Britain’s X-Factor 2011)

Jade’s first audition was Adele’s Someone Like You and with her great sense and beautiful voice she brings something extra out of this song. Even though I really like Adele’s version of it, there’s something that makes this version so great.

She was put through to the next event, but then I don’t really what happened. For some reason she disappeared from the competition and someone else got her spot. Really beautiful voice and I think she could be an recording artist. As Kelly Rowland concludes her comment…”You have the X-factor, and then some.”

Sami Brooke (Britain’s X-Factor 2011)

Sami is a very funny and chatty girl with a big voice. Here she sings One Moment In Time. Great tones, both low and high. This performance is so powerful and really shows her greatness. Also very funny conversation with the judges before she sings, as well as after.

Melanie Amaro (USA’s X-Factor 2011)

18 year old with one of greatest voices in the world; no doubt! In her first audition (linked) she sings Listen by Beyonce. I must say…this is far better than the original! She should definitely be an recording artist!

I don’t think she went to the final, if I remember correctly, which in my mind is so wrong. Should have at least went through to the final. A singer like that must get a contract.

Cher Lloyd (Britain’s X-Factor 2010) (

Cher is a really cool young girl with her own style, mixing great song with rap. Here in the first audition, she sings Keri Hilson’s version of Soulja Boy’s song Turn My Swag On. I really like her style and most of her other performances in the rest of the competition even though they are quite “teeny” some of them. She reached fourth place in X-Factor 2010 and this year she had a single called “Swagger Jagger” which climbed the lists. I don’t like Swagger Jagger, but I am sure she will have some great songs soon.

Danyl Johnson (Britain’s X-Factor 2009)

Great voice and really exceptional performance. Can’t be done better as a first audition, as the judges says. Really get everybody on their feet and clap. Amazing!

Jamie Archer (Britain’s X-Factor 2009)

Jamie is perhaps not the best singer, but he’s a natural performer and entertainer. Really great performance, singing “Sex On Fire” by Kings of Leon, which really turn Simon’s grouchiness to actually singing along. Amazing performance!

There are a lot of other great singers/performers that should be in this list…but I have to go now.