Monday we started our new courses. This semester we will have the following courses.

Year 2 Period 3 (Jan-Mar)

Discrete Mathematics

Mathematical Statistics

Object Oriented Applications

Year 2 Period 4 (Mar-May/Jun)

Computer Communication

Monday (Jan 16:th 2012) started with Discrete Mathematics, where we went through the basics of discrete mathematics and rules. Later we had OOA (Object Oriented Applications) and started with a presentation of what we will do this period, which is basically start using GUI in Java. First an elaboration, creating a small game; “15 Game”, moving 15 squares from one order of 15 to 1 to be ordered 1 to 15 in a grid of 16 (4 by 4) spaces. Then work in projects of 6-7 students and create a game which shall include some communication and of course a GUI.

After the OOA, Adam and I stayed in school and I did almost all of this week’s assignments in discrete.

Tuesday I actually missed school, but the rest of the class had a OOA lecture where they continued to go through GUI objects and then only got some short introduction of Mathematical Statistics, so I didn’t miss much and already gone through at least the OOA part.

Today (Wednesday) half of the class (me included) had our elaboration, to create the 15 game. We sat in school for about 5 hours and have not really finished the assignment, but we have created the GUI with 16 buttons in a grid and have them initialized with text in order 15 to 1 and with the last space/button as blank. Now we are going to continue from home/online and try to finish the eventListener/actionListener and the method if to execute the swap of numbers if the move is legal and signal a beep if the move is illegal.

I hope we can finish this during the evening so I can continue to study some mathematics before bedtime. Want to finish the discrete assignments and then start with the statistical.