Friday and the second week of lectures are over, if we are not counting the weekend. We have calculated a lot of discrete mathematics and also mathematical statistics.

Today we started the Java project; brainstorming what we wanted to do and came up with a lot of different ideas and after voting we had a winner which will be a variant of the game Tower Defence. The important thing for our teacher is that we are using GUI classes and that we will have some sort of communication with a server. So we will at least upload High Scores to the server and name of the player, probably in the classic way with three letters.

This is a big challenge since no one in our group has any experience in graphic programming, more than the elaboration we did last week with the 15 Game (puzzle).

I have not finished all the assignments in both discrete and statistical mathematics, so I will try finish them tomorrow, if possible, and if not on Sunday.

Will also download “Dia” which is a Open Source UML modelling tool which we will be using for the Java project, and try it out some.

Then I also have to read through a “Help”-book called “Developing Games In Java”, which describes 2D Graphics which we will need in our project.

Next meeting on Tuesday.