I wonder why we haven’t had the course Databases earlier, before our project courses in Java and now the Software Engineering Project where are developing an Android App.

Would have been really helpful if we had the database course earlier instead of next study period. Well, well.

Currently studying Software Engineering Project where my team has decided to create an Android app where clients should be able to log on to a server, create username and then either create group or join groups and then be able to chat, share position, files and calendar within the group. A bit like WhatsApp but restricted for a group and more convenient for a project team that will work together for a certain period of time, like a school project or even a project at work.

Very interesting and we have a lot to learn.

I am trying to learn databases now in parallel in order to be able to structure the databases we require to succeed storing information from our app and have it available for all group members.

This is the mandatory course.

My chosen course is Concurrent Programming. Basically learning what happens when you use a number of threads and combine it with semaphores and monitors in Java to achieve concurrent simulation of lifelike activities such, for example one assignment is to have two trains running on tracks with main and alternative routes without colliding, where each train run in their own thread.

Lab2 then was same assignment but instead of semaphores, using monitors and solve it based on Lab1.

Lab3 is JR programming (with Java) and I think Lab4 will be in Erlang programming language.

In parallel I need to learn Ruby on Rails for my work at CTK (Chalmers TeknologKonsulter / Chalmers Technology Consultants). Have started but not come very far. Need to speed up and be able to spend some hours per week on a job for a company website. Really want to learn it and be good at it fast, but hard to do all this at the same time…