*phew*…I have so much to do and so little time.

Studying two courses now and only two weeks left in those courses.

– Concurrent Programming – learning threads, semaphores, monitors, locks, conditions, JR Programming and will now have an exercise in Erlang (functional programming). So now I am trying to learn Erlang enough to be able to do the assignment with my lab partner.

– Software Engineering Project – which is supposed to be about project model/methodologies, but the course include dividing us into groups of five and all groups should make an Android App. Since no one in my group have no experience at all in App development or server configurations, databases and SQL, nor Git, we are really struggling getting anything up at all. Getting worried that we will have anything in place other than a fancy GUI and no functionality.

We have got the server connection working, by only connect with socket to the server and send messages to the server, but we need to get the server working with a Web Server as well. Have installed XAMPP with Apache Web Server, PHPMyAdmin and SQL to be able to set up a database with tables for users and groups being able to add users and groups and then have some authorization and connection to clients (Android phones). Still a h*ll of a lot to do and time is slipping away…

Then besides school, I am also working at CTK (Chalmers TeknologKonsulter / Chalmers Technology Consultants) where I have been mostly spending time on “selling” (building relations with companies) and will now probably start on a project to build a web portal for customers of a client to have a discussion forum. This should be done in Ruby on Rails, so therefore I am starting to learn RoR on the side to be able to work in the project.

Find it hard to get time to spend with friends and family as well as doing stuff for survival (washing etc) and get enough sleep…