FRA – Försvarets radioanstallt (Eng: National Defence Radio Establishment, reference 1) in Sweden is operating on assignment by the government and armed forces.
Basically FRA only intercept traffic passing Swedish borders.

SÄPO – Säkerhetspolisen (Eng: Swedish Security Service, reference 2) on the other hand is working both giving assignments to FRA as well as domestic. Recently a leak provided Swedish Raido with information regarding automize domestic surveillance which they followed up by contacting SÄPO and also got information from Maintrac, a company that is currently testing the automated system. (Reference 3)

According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, FRA has worked with NSA (National Surveillance Agency, USA) and GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarter, British, reference 4), which FRA themselves has also confirmed by the new General Director of FRA and also in FRA’s pressconference with Swedish media. (Reference 5, 6, 7)

However, it has not been declared what kind of informational exchanges other than that sometimes surveillance is required in some part of the world Sweden does not have access to and also sometimes require help with understanding what type a certain signal is.

Now the Swedish Attorney General, Beatrice Ask, opens up for total surveillance, i.e. that the FRA law to be widen to domestic surveillance. This was feared in 2008 and even more 2009.
(Reference 8)

The documents leaked by Edward Snowden also revealed that exchange of surveillance information has damaged businesses between companies. This was also referred to in a Swedish Parliament debate regarding integrity on the internet.
(Reference 9)

The secrecy of how much and what type of information is exchanged between our nations security organisations are alarming. Why is it not more transparant?
They claim that the secrecy is required by the nature of surveillance, to be able to do their job.

A while ago, a poll (Reference 10) was done by SIFO (Svenska institutet för opinionsundersökningar / Swedish Institute of Opinion Research) where they asked:
Are you afraid of being tapped by Swedish or international state, on the phone or monitored on the internet?

Yes, afraid of being tapped
7 % (men 11 %, women 3 %)

Yes, afraid of being monitored on internet
13 % (men 16 %, women 10 %)

No, not afraid of being tapped or monitored
75 % (men 71 %, women 78 %)

Unsure or don’t know
11 % (men 10 %, women 11 %)

But according an article (Reference 11), the question is not giving an answer of the actual acceptance of surveillance. If they are personally afraid of being tapped or monitored contra what their acceptance of tapping and monitoring all traffic in Sweden are two very different questions.
Another poll asked what swedes think about acceptance of being monitored and tapped by government agencies without any suspicion of crime.
72% answers that is shouldn’t be allowed
18% answers that it can happen
10% answers that they don’t know

All of a sudden, the figures are the opposite and speaks for themselves.

The conclusion is that the Swedish people have very low understanding of what all of this means. They feel that they are good citizens, not criminal and have nothing to worry about. If everybody understood that we are about to be tapped and monitored by the new automated system being tested – all phone calls and internet traffic, domestic and international will be tracked. Not only individuals, but also companies and government agencies.

For me that is outrageous. Not that I have so much to hide personally, but I do have a lot of business ideas and intellectual property that I have written down. I also sometimes speak with friends, that I trust, about some of them. I don’t want anybody else to retrieve that kind of information and perhaps even giving them to someone else.

One thought that has crossed my mind is, if the drones of this country doesn’t learn about what the surveillance affects and means, we will perhaps end up with a vote (either by the government or hopefully by Swedish citizens) regarding total surveillance of Swedish citizens. If we lose this, why don’t we let NSA do the work and Sweden become a state of USA. At least then we would have green cards to stay and work there…

No! We must stop this madness now!

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