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3rd and last year…

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Sep 26, 2012 00:48:46

I wonder why we haven’t had the course Databases earlier, before our project courses in Java and now the Software Engineering Project where are developing an Android App.

Would have been really helpful if we had the database course earlier instead of next study period. Well, well.

Currently studying Software Engineering Project where my team has decided to create an Android app where clients should be able to log on to a server, create username and then either create group or join groups and then be able to chat, share position, files and calendar within the group. A bit like WhatsApp but restricted for a group and more convenient for a project team that will work together for a certain period of time, like a school project or even a project at work.

Very interesting and we have a lot to learn.

I am trying to learn databases now in parallel in order to be able to structure the databases we require to succeed storing information from our app and have it available for all group members.

This is the mandatory course.

My chosen course is Concurrent Programming. Basically learning what happens when you use a number of threads and combine it with semaphores and monitors in Java to achieve concurrent simulation of lifelike activities such, for example one assignment is to have two trains running on tracks with main and alternative routes without colliding, where each train run in their own thread.

Lab2 then was same assignment but instead of semaphores, using monitors and solve it based on Lab1.

Lab3 is JR programming (with Java) and I think Lab4 will be in Erlang programming language.

In parallel I need to learn Ruby on Rails for my work at CTK (Chalmers TeknologKonsulter / Chalmers Technology Consultants). Have started but not come very far. Need to speed up and be able to spend some hours per week on a job for a company website. Really want to learn it and be good at it fast, but hard to do all this at the same time…

Study week 2

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Jan 27, 2012 23:08:15

Friday and the second week of lectures are over, if we are not counting the weekend. We have calculated a lot of discrete mathematics and also mathematical statistics.

Today we started the Java project; brainstorming what we wanted to do and came up with a lot of different ideas and after voting we had a winner which will be a variant of the game Tower Defence. The important thing for our teacher is that we are using GUI classes and that we will have some sort of communication with a server. So we will at least upload High Scores to the server and name of the player, probably in the classic way with three letters.

This is a big challenge since no one in our group has any experience in graphic programming, more than the elaboration we did last week with the 15 Game (puzzle).

I have not finished all the assignments in both discrete and statistical mathematics, so I will try finish them tomorrow, if possible, and if not on Sunday.

Will also download “Dia” which is a Open Source UML modelling tool which we will be using for the Java project, and try it out some.

Then I also have to read through a “Help”-book called “Developing Games In Java”, which describes 2D Graphics which we will need in our project.

Next meeting on Tuesday.

Spring semester start…

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Jan 18, 2012 19:54:41

Monday we started our new courses. This semester we will have the following courses.

Year 2 Period 3 (Jan-Mar)

Discrete Mathematics

Mathematical Statistics

Object Oriented Applications

Year 2 Period 4 (Mar-May/Jun)

Computer Communication

Monday (Jan 16:th 2012) started with Discrete Mathematics, where we went through the basics of discrete mathematics and rules. Later we had OOA (Object Oriented Applications) and started with a presentation of what we will do this period, which is basically start using GUI in Java. First an elaboration, creating a small game; “15 Game”, moving 15 squares from one order of 15 to 1 to be ordered 1 to 15 in a grid of 16 (4 by 4) spaces. Then work in projects of 6-7 students and create a game which shall include some communication and of course a GUI.

After the OOA, Adam and I stayed in school and I did almost all of this week’s assignments in discrete.

Tuesday I actually missed school, but the rest of the class had a OOA lecture where they continued to go through GUI objects and then only got some short introduction of Mathematical Statistics, so I didn’t miss much and already gone through at least the OOA part.

Today (Wednesday) half of the class (me included) had our elaboration, to create the 15 game. We sat in school for about 5 hours and have not really finished the assignment, but we have created the GUI with 16 buttons in a grid and have them initialized with text in order 15 to 1 and with the last space/button as blank. Now we are going to continue from home/online and try to finish the eventListener/actionListener and the method if to execute the swap of numbers if the move is legal and signal a beep if the move is illegal.

I hope we can finish this during the evening so I can continue to study some mathematics before bedtime. Want to finish the discrete assignments and then start with the statistical.

Re-exam – Linear Algebra

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Jan 11, 2012 18:46:35

Today I had a re-exam in Linear Algebra….for the fifth time. Even though I have been sick a lot during the Christmas leave and therefore not been able to study as hard as I should have, it went ok and if I am lucky with the teacher’s scoring, I might have passed. Would be wonderful if I did! Really need to pass this course now and move on with the others…

I have another re-exam on Friday in Bärkraftig ResursAnvändning which is an environmental course. I have opened the books once during the holiday and don’t expect to pass it, but I will sleep some now and try to study some during the evening and have tomorrow (my birthday…how fun!) also to study.

Auditions…tears of joy!

Life n Stuff... Posted on Dec 20, 2011 10:49:37

One thing that is very important to me, even though it might not look that way, is music. Even though I can’t sing or play any instrument, I have always enjoyed music and listening to a lot of music whatever I do.

With that said, I have discovered (actually a number of years back) that I really love watching first time auditions in X-Factor especially and before that Idol and Britain’s got Talent.

You might think that I like the ones that are bad performers and can laugh about it. Sure, it can be fun to watch, but the true joy for me is when people that haven’t succeeded earlier enters the stage and have a great voice and takes the audience and jury panel with a storm.

Ofcourse it’s nice to see their development as they progress in the competitions as well, but I almost always like the

I do have my favourites…in non-specific order:
(For all links below, there are often better qualities than default, so check that.)

Janet Devlin (Britain’s X-Factor 2011)

Cute 16 year old girl from Ireland which has an voice of an angel. She has that specific way that I have only heard Irish singers do, where she break the tones from a note to another. Don’t know the word for it, but it sounds great! (3:49 and 4:21 in this video are two examples of what I mean.)

In her first audition she performs Your Song by Elton John. She of course went through to the next round and all the way to the final.

Amelia Lily (Britain’s X-Factor 2011)

Another 16 year old with a great voice. Performs Janice Joplin’s Piece Of My Heart. Really good voice and reminds me of Joss Stone a bit. Would be great to see Joss Stone and Amilia Lily perform a bunch of Janice Joplin songs…

Jade Richards (Britain’s X-Factor 2011)

Jade’s first audition was Adele’s Someone Like You and with her great sense and beautiful voice she brings something extra out of this song. Even though I really like Adele’s version of it, there’s something that makes this version so great.

She was put through to the next event, but then I don’t really what happened. For some reason she disappeared from the competition and someone else got her spot. Really beautiful voice and I think she could be an recording artist. As Kelly Rowland concludes her comment…”You have the X-factor, and then some.”

Sami Brooke (Britain’s X-Factor 2011)

Sami is a very funny and chatty girl with a big voice. Here she sings One Moment In Time. Great tones, both low and high. This performance is so powerful and really shows her greatness. Also very funny conversation with the judges before she sings, as well as after.

Melanie Amaro (USA’s X-Factor 2011)

18 year old with one of greatest voices in the world; no doubt! In her first audition (linked) she sings Listen by Beyonce. I must say…this is far better than the original! She should definitely be an recording artist!

I don’t think she went to the final, if I remember correctly, which in my mind is so wrong. Should have at least went through to the final. A singer like that must get a contract.

Cher Lloyd (Britain’s X-Factor 2010) (

Cher is a really cool young girl with her own style, mixing great song with rap. Here in the first audition, she sings Keri Hilson’s version of Soulja Boy’s song Turn My Swag On. I really like her style and most of her other performances in the rest of the competition even though they are quite “teeny” some of them. She reached fourth place in X-Factor 2010 and this year she had a single called “Swagger Jagger” which climbed the lists. I don’t like Swagger Jagger, but I am sure she will have some great songs soon.

Danyl Johnson (Britain’s X-Factor 2009)

Great voice and really exceptional performance. Can’t be done better as a first audition, as the judges says. Really get everybody on their feet and clap. Amazing!

Jamie Archer (Britain’s X-Factor 2009)

Jamie is perhaps not the best singer, but he’s a natural performer and entertainer. Really great performance, singing “Sex On Fire” by Kings of Leon, which really turn Simon’s grouchiness to actually singing along. Amazing performance!

There are a lot of other great singers/performers that should be in this list…but I have to go now.

Business Idea fountain…

Profession / Work Posted on Dec 15, 2011 04:43:38

During the night I woke up seven times and every time I had a new idea worth writing down…

I have been creative earlier, coming up with a lot of ideas for businesses but tonight I had a real flow, like a fountain of ideas. Guess it is because I am participating in Venture Cup, which is a competition of Business Ideas and Business Plans, and now is inspiring me to this creativity.
Then of course all of them might not even be a valid idea to take further in the venture creating process since they might be already developed and hard to compete with, but even so, nice to have so much ideas.

Before I added them to the list of my ideas, I had 25 ideas on the list. Since two of the ideas during the night was only additional ideas to one existing idea, I now have 30 in total, minus one that I have abandoned because it already exist and I don’t think I can beat the existing one.

Some of the ideas I am very optimistic of and am thinking if I should add any of them to this year competition of Venture Cup since it is still possible to add until February 7:th 2012. (Started Nov 1 2011 and finish in May 2012, I think.)
Two reasons not to add them to the current competition are:

* I already have two of my business ideas in the competition and it will take a lot of time to work with only those two.

* The first round in the competition has already ended, with awards (10k SEK) to the best 10 ideas and if I have a chance of winning that kind of money for any of my other business ideas, it could be worth waiting until autumn 2012…(unless anybody else comes up with the same idea and beat me to it).


Computer stuff Posted on Dec 04, 2011 21:54:27

Around a year ago I used Teamviewer 4 with a friend, since we wanted to play a game (Sanctum by Nioga (earlier Digital Addiction)) which require a client and internet and my computer did not like the client for some reason.

So I connected with Teamviewer and controlled one of my friend’s computer and he played on another computer, which worked really great.

Latest version of Teamviever is now version 7 ( and a couple of class mates and I used it to share our screens (not simultaneously unfortunately) to share Java programming and discuss how to solve it. (Studying a course now in Object Oriented Programming and Java programming language for the purpose.

Works fine, except for the lack of being able to share screens simultaneously (only one presenter at a time).

Real Electric Motorcycles – When do they come?

Green World... Posted on Nov 15, 2011 01:24:29

I got my driving license for motorcycle 1997 and owned a motorcycle (Suzuki GSX-750F) for 1,5 year between 2001-2002. Since the car industry has produced a number of cars using hybrid and electric technology I have been thinking about electric motorcycles for a couple of years. Especially since we had a course in Sustainability within my education (Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering), I have been thinking more and more about green thinking and environment and really would like to have an electric motorcycle.

I know there are a number of “electric motorcycles” out on the market today, but do they match my criteria for me to buy one?

The motorcycles I have been looking at to buy the last years has been in the Sport Touring genre, like Kawasaki ZZR-1400, Suzuki Hayabusa (GSX-1300R) and Honda Super Blackbird (CBR-1100XX).

What are my criteria then?

* RANGE – I believe anyone with a sport tourer want to be able to go at least 450km a day (or before taking a 2-2,5 hour pause for recharging batteries). My parents, brother and some of my friends live in Eskilstuna, Sweden, which is around 400km from Gothenburg, Sweden, where I live.

* TOP SPEED – Even though the fastest legal speed is 130km/h (~81 mph) I want the possibility to at least go up to 200km/h (120 mph).

* COMFORT – Should be like a Sport Tourer, meaning semi-sport (not too aggressive riding position and not straight-up position) and should also have a

* DESIGN – Secondary to Range and Speed, but there is no reason why years of design improvement should not be followed by electric motorcycles.

Then added some extra information that is good to know for a purchase:

* COST TO BUY – How much the bike cost to buy.

* COST by CHARGE – How much the cost is per recharge.

* POWER SYSTEM LIFE – How far you can go on the fuel cells – life expectancy.

* MARKETS/AVAILABILITY – Is it even possible to buy it in Sweden? Even if it is possible to buy it, is it road legal (to drive it on public roads)?

I decided to search and to see if I could find any that could be interesting when I’m finished with my education in 1½-2 years time and want to buy a vehicle, possibly an electric motorcycle. This is what I found:



* RANGE: City (EPA UDDS) 114 miles (183 km), Highway (commuting, 70mph) 63 miles (101 km)

* TOP SPEED: Max 88 mph (142 km/h), Sustained 75 mpg (121 km/h)

* COMFORT: Has no windscreen and driver will get all wind on him/her.

* DESIGN: Really good looking – Streetfighter look.

* COST to BUY: $11,495 (in US), £ 9,995 (in UK)

* COST by CHARGE: $0.95

* POWER SYSTEM LIFE: 308,000 miles (495,000 km)

* MARKETS/AVAILABILITY: Not in Sweden today.
(Only in USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.)

* COMMENT: Not matching my buying criteria but a cool motorcycle and if it had better range (above 450km range), this could absolutely be a candidate for me. – 2011 Native GPR-S (72VDC EMC-RT KIT, 60 Amp)


* RANGE: 40-55 miles (64-88,5 km)

* TOP SPEED: 50-65 mph (80-105 km/h)

* COMFORT: No windscreen. (Streetfighter look)

* DESIGN: Look like an old GSX with new lights. Quite ugly.

* COST to BUY: $2500 (in US)

* COST by CHARGE: ???


* MARKETS/AVAILABILITY: Does not state any market information. Not even in which country it origins.

* COMMENT: Hard to find information if it’s available for Swedish market. It’s not only if I can buy it. Must also be legal to drive the vehicle by Swedish law’s. Perhaps included by European Union laws.

Mavizen – 2010 TTX02


* RANGE: 180 km (with 7,5kWh “circuit” battery pack) Other options are “Sprint” (4kWh) and Endurance (10kWh).

* TOP SPEED: 210 km/h

* COMFORT: Windscreen, but this is a race bike built on KTM, so aggressive position on the bike.

* DESIGN: Really cool sports bike look.

* COST to BUY: ???

* COST by CHARGE: ???



* COMMENT: Even though it is a race bike it can be made road legal. (For UK. Does not say in which other countries.)

Q: How much is the road-legal kit? What about legal issues?
A: The road kit includes lights, mirrors and a number plate kit. Cost will vary depending upon which country the bike is being registered in. The road legal TTX02 is identical for all countries.

Once the kit is installed, the bike would be submitted to VOSA or national equivalent if outside the UK.

Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval (MSVA) and MOT can be obtained. The MSVA test is a check that the design and construction of the bike meets UK regulations based upon type approval requirements. Our chassis meet these standards and is legal around the world. Parts of the test such as noise and emissions will not apply to the TTX02.

The Green Insurance Company is launching an insurance service for TTX02 owners who wish to use their bike on the road.



* RANGE: 150 miles per charge (241 km)

* TOP SPEED: 150 mph (241 km/h)

* COMFORT: Windscreen that seem to absorb much of the wind, but quite aggressive riding position.

* DESIGN: Looks like some mix of back to 80’s and futuristic…like someone from the 80’s tried to draw some futuristic. Not very cool, but could be ok.

* COST to BUY: ???

* COST by CHARGE: ???



* COMMENT: It has the speed and it could actually work for me if it would have had twice the range. I wonder if the range could be a lot better if I ride it in legal speed limits between Gothenburg and Eskilstuna, where it is mostly 70 km/h (43,5 mph), 90 km/h (56 mph) and 110 km/h (68 mph)…?



* RANGE: ???

* TOP SPEED: 160+ mph (260 km/h)

* COMFORT: Racebike with windscreen.

* DESIGN: Really cool race bike.

* COST to BUY: ???

* COST by CHARGE: ???



* COMMENT: Doesn’t even say if it is for sale or not, but it is a cool bike, even though it would be too sporty for me.



* RANGE: 100 miles (161 km)

* TOP SPEED: 100+ mph (161+ km/h)

* COMFORT: No windscreen and thereby rider absorb all wind, but quite straight-up riding position.

* DESIGN: Quite nice looking street bike look.

* COST to BUY: $13,995 (US)

* COST by CHARGE: ??? (~10 hours to recharge!)


* MARKETS/AVAILABILITY: ??? (In Sweden? Looks like US, Spain and Italy only, on the flags, but could be languages, and US market only.)

* COMMENT: Too short range, but could be interesting with better range.


It seems that there is no matching bike for me, regarding especially the range criteria. The speed criteria is matched and even over my expectation for some bikes. I don’t know how much the speed affects the range, if a lower/legal speed allows me to go further or if it’s not affecting much.

I sure hope the electric motorcycles will be further developed and especially regarding range, power system life, recharge time. Would be nice to own an electric motorcycle in two years, but it seams that they are too expensive and it will take some time before we have any good electric motorcycles that fulfil my buying criteria.

TTXGP – The eGrand Prix

There’s a new Grand Prix class for Electric Motorcycles, or Zero Emission. Here’s a video showing a race:

Just watched the Teams & Riders page ( and am happy to see that Sweden actually have two teams in the European TTXGP (Karlskoga Racing and Team Berix).

One thing that I don’t understand, is that none of the fuel engine motorcycle market brands are represented in the TTXGP. Well, not entirely true since a lot of the teams are having chassis from Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda. I mean, isn’t the electric motorcycle development and the “new market”, which probably will replace the fuel engine motorcycle market, enough interesting? I want to see Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda in the TTXGP as well. On the other side, it is nice to see a lot of new upcoming companies developing their bikes and components.

I hope this will take the development of components further and prolong the range for the bikes and life of the power systems and overtake the fuel engine racing soon.

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