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Leadership – Common sense, coaching & Change Management

Profession / Work Posted on Nov 19, 2013 13:39:59

I just read an article (, in Swedish) regarding Vineet Nayar‘s view of leadership.

Vineet Nayar is CEO of HCL Technologies and have also written about the course of change the company has gone through in i his bestseller “Employees first, customers second”, published 2010, according to the article.
(Note: I have not read the book myself.)
Mr Nayar also blogs at Harvard Business Review. (

The title of the article is “Caution build good leaders” (translated by me). According to the article, Mr Nayar claims that doubt is an important characterstic for a leader.

He talks about having three teenagers by the time he got the position as CEO and that strict control and regulations caused more rebellic. The only leadership style that worked with the teenagers were cooperation and discussion oriented style.

Translating from Swedish again:
“People actually want to cooperate, they want to know that you haven’t decided. They want to know that your idea not only is your own, but everybody’s idea.”

My own reflection
This is not new, but important to underline. Whatever you are about to do in a company, if it is to get a CEO and his/her Vice Presidents or a steering committee onboard, middle managers, line managers or even employees, you have to listen to what is said. You have to coach the dialogue to examine all possible angles (that are useful/constructive). If you do that, you will examine all possible direction and at the same time get a buy-in from participants as they are part of the chosen direction.

Are you there yet?
NO! Then comes the most important thing. Everything require Change Management, which includes:
– a (project) plan of how to do it
– follow up/measurement
– actual implementation (incl. change of steering documents; processes and instructions)
– and last, very often forgotten or too few resources allocated, is education/training.

This is why Toyota have the Toyota Way and Volvo have their Operational Development programme as well as Project Models – company specific structure of how to do things, controlled and require input from all employee levels and cross functional.

Personally I prefer the Six Sigma DMAIC project model for all process changes, i.e. changes that are bigger than a one week task for one FTE (Full Time Equivalent), if not using for example Operational Development structure.
DMAIC stands for:

Define – Define the problem, i.e. find the possible root causes.

Measure – Measure As-Is to determine the root cause and to be able to measure change after improvement. (Remember, that even areas which are more subjective or for some other reason are not possible to measure actual figures, there is always a possibility to describe “what it feels like”, using happy/satisfied/unhappy faces, green/yellow/red or whatever you prefer.)

Analyze – Analyse possible solutions to fix the root cause (and not the symptoms) and set up improve/implementation plan. “Putting a band aid on a fire does not work. Cut the air supply.”

Improve (Implement) – Make the improvement/implementation, including change steering documents (process maps, flowcharts, instructions, role descriptions, job descriptions a.s.o.) and educate/train all involved.

Control – Control that the implemented solution at least suffice and hopefully overachieve by comparing To-Be measurements (after improvement/implementation) with As-Is measurements (from Measure phase). Also includes checking that employees follow the To-Be process and the supporting systems the way the improvement intended and is documented.

Business Idea fountain…

Profession / Work Posted on Dec 15, 2011 04:43:38

During the night I woke up seven times and every time I had a new idea worth writing down…

I have been creative earlier, coming up with a lot of ideas for businesses but tonight I had a real flow, like a fountain of ideas. Guess it is because I am participating in Venture Cup, which is a competition of Business Ideas and Business Plans, and now is inspiring me to this creativity.
Then of course all of them might not even be a valid idea to take further in the venture creating process since they might be already developed and hard to compete with, but even so, nice to have so much ideas.

Before I added them to the list of my ideas, I had 25 ideas on the list. Since two of the ideas during the night was only additional ideas to one existing idea, I now have 30 in total, minus one that I have abandoned because it already exist and I don’t think I can beat the existing one.

Some of the ideas I am very optimistic of and am thinking if I should add any of them to this year competition of Venture Cup since it is still possible to add until February 7:th 2012. (Started Nov 1 2011 and finish in May 2012, I think.)
Two reasons not to add them to the current competition are:

* I already have two of my business ideas in the competition and it will take a lot of time to work with only those two.

* The first round in the competition has already ended, with awards (10k SEK) to the best 10 ideas and if I have a chance of winning that kind of money for any of my other business ideas, it could be worth waiting until autumn 2012…(unless anybody else comes up with the same idea and beat me to it).

1st real workshop in the Venture Cup course…

Profession / Work Posted on Oct 21, 2011 23:42:41

Yesterday the 1st “workshop” or more of a lecture was held in the course I am taking, called “Business Planning for Company Growth” (or similar) as of competing in Venture Cup.

There were two persons from Know IT Technology Management consultant firm holding the seminar or lecture, Tomas Sandén and Marly Nilsson.

They went through what is important in a start up of a new company and what to do in which order and what to focus on. Talked about Red Ocean (modifying something existing and/or bringing something to an existing market) and Blue Ocean (creating something completely new and thereby creating a new market that did not exist earlier).

Example Blue Ocean:
Post-Its (discovered from “bad glue”), Nintendo WII (new experience even though games have existed earlier)…

Very few products are Blue Ocean, where something new is commercialized for the first time, creating a new market.

There are different strategies for the two, as of creating a new market without competitors versus creating a product that should compete with other solutions on an existing market.

The lecture was very interesting, even though they talked some about project models which I have experience in, as it differs some from creating a completely new product from developing a new product version from an older version as it is mostly about in a automotive company. Seldom a completely new product from scratch. Either from earlier product version or acquiring a company or part of company including a specific product that they don’t have in their product portfolio.

There’s no other lecture/workshop before the deadline November 1st, so I will have to start creating the Business Idea documentation and decide which ideas I should compete with. Don’t think I want to bring too many into this competition since it will take a lot of time for each, investigating customer segmentation, prices, sales cycles a.s.o. to be able to build a business case.

Some information is really hard for me to dig up, since I can’t really go to the competitors (I think) and ask about their business model and prices and since the customers for one of my ideas could be any mid-size to large companies, it is hard to go and ask them about what kind of system they use and how much they pay for it. Guess I will ask for some consultation in this matter.

Venture Cup – Start of course…

Profession / Work Posted on Oct 12, 2011 13:39:58

Yesterday evening I attended the first session in the course “Business Planning for Company Growth” (Affärsplanering för tillväxtföretag) which is a course started by Venture Cup together with GU (Gothenburg University) and Chalmers University of Technology.

The reason I am attending this course is that I am going to compete in Venture Cup with one or more of my business ideas. I think this course will give me a good boost, helping me understand how the process works to go from an idea to a company.

Venture Cup (Swedish Only, I think)

Course in Business Planning for emerging companies

Profession / Work Posted on Sep 28, 2011 00:32:58

I have today signed up for a course at Göteborgs Universitet (Gothenburg University), called Business Planning for emerging companies.

It is a course which is proposed for the contestants of the Venture Cup. Since I plan to bring one of my business ideas into the contest, I want to go this course and get a better understanding of how to do the Business Planning and try to go as far as I can go with this idea. Hopefully be a very successful company in the long run.

The best part is that there are a lot of skilled people coming from a lot of different companies and have a lot of experience and can give you a good perspective on things that I currently have no idea of how to do. It will be very interesting to have these people coaching me in the development of my future business.

Applying to summer job…

Profession / Work Posted on Mar 09, 2011 02:30:11

I have just finished my application to Volvo for a summer job in Göteborg (Gothenburg). It feels a bit weird applying for summer jobs again, but a student got to do what a student got to do. smiley

I really hope that I can get an interesting job in which I also can gain some experience within the Computer Engineering field. Would have been nice if I got an assignment to take part in a project where I could both provide support with my experience in Business Process Management and also learn more about information systems and perhaps even the architecture structure behind to get a full crash course of how it’s all done. What kind of servers, databases and programming languages are used and why that solution is best for the application.

Really look forward to next year with more high level programming instead of assembler and integrated circuits.

Time to go to bed…for another day of a lot of study for the exams next week.

Business Consultant job application – Negative response

Profession / Work Posted on Sep 22, 2010 18:04:17

As always, I have not written in a long time. So what has happend since last time…

During the summer I applied for a job as Business Consultant within same company I worked for (which I have study leave from) but the IT branch of the corporation, in Gothenburg. I got an interview the same day I went on vacation and it really felt that I was right for the position. They told me they will expand quite drastic and thereby was quite optimistic that I would get it since I had the background they were looking for. The other day I got a phone call and with a negative result unfortunately.

Fisher Art ( – Finally finished and Launched

Profession / Work Posted on Apr 28, 2010 18:48:16

I have been working on a web site for my friend, Barry Fisher, for a long time but now it is finally finished and launched!
Have a look!

Preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox (and probably other good as well) but works limited on Microsoft Internet Explorer (since it is crap).

I have struggled a lot with especially the javascripts for the “Showcase” page, which is a page showing off his art one by one above a couch with the purpose that you should feel that you are in a/your living room.
There you can change the background color (the wall) either by using the predefined ones or writing in the color code field, to try finding the color which you have at home. Then you can click through the paintings one by one or if you like skipping some, just type in any number between 1 and the highest number (currently 28 paintings).

Think it looks great with the automatic positioning to the center (width) and middle (height) depending on the size of the painting, which also give you the feeling of how big the painting actually is.

To support the living room feeling I have also added a wooden floor and a floor list to break off and get the feeling of a real floor and the wall.

Almost everything I have done by myself in HTML, CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) and Javascript.
The only thing I have downloaded is the scripts for the “click to get bigger picture” function, which fades the whole page and then resizes the image to the file dimensions and showing text about the painting.

Pretty cool I think.

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