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3rd and last year…

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Sep 26, 2012 00:48:46

I wonder why we haven’t had the course Databases earlier, before our project courses in Java and now the Software Engineering Project where are developing an Android App.

Would have been really helpful if we had the database course earlier instead of next study period. Well, well.

Currently studying Software Engineering Project where my team has decided to create an Android app where clients should be able to log on to a server, create username and then either create group or join groups and then be able to chat, share position, files and calendar within the group. A bit like WhatsApp but restricted for a group and more convenient for a project team that will work together for a certain period of time, like a school project or even a project at work.

Very interesting and we have a lot to learn.

I am trying to learn databases now in parallel in order to be able to structure the databases we require to succeed storing information from our app and have it available for all group members.

This is the mandatory course.

My chosen course is Concurrent Programming. Basically learning what happens when you use a number of threads and combine it with semaphores and monitors in Java to achieve concurrent simulation of lifelike activities such, for example one assignment is to have two trains running on tracks with main and alternative routes without colliding, where each train run in their own thread.

Lab2 then was same assignment but instead of semaphores, using monitors and solve it based on Lab1.

Lab3 is JR programming (with Java) and I think Lab4 will be in Erlang programming language.

In parallel I need to learn Ruby on Rails for my work at CTK (Chalmers TeknologKonsulter / Chalmers Technology Consultants). Have started but not come very far. Need to speed up and be able to spend some hours per week on a job for a company website. Really want to learn it and be good at it fast, but hard to do all this at the same time…

Study week 2

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Jan 27, 2012 23:08:15

Friday and the second week of lectures are over, if we are not counting the weekend. We have calculated a lot of discrete mathematics and also mathematical statistics.

Today we started the Java project; brainstorming what we wanted to do and came up with a lot of different ideas and after voting we had a winner which will be a variant of the game Tower Defence. The important thing for our teacher is that we are using GUI classes and that we will have some sort of communication with a server. So we will at least upload High Scores to the server and name of the player, probably in the classic way with three letters.

This is a big challenge since no one in our group has any experience in graphic programming, more than the elaboration we did last week with the 15 Game (puzzle).

I have not finished all the assignments in both discrete and statistical mathematics, so I will try finish them tomorrow, if possible, and if not on Sunday.

Will also download “Dia” which is a Open Source UML modelling tool which we will be using for the Java project, and try it out some.

Then I also have to read through a “Help”-book called “Developing Games In Java”, which describes 2D Graphics which we will need in our project.

Next meeting on Tuesday.

Spring semester start…

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Jan 18, 2012 19:54:41

Monday we started our new courses. This semester we will have the following courses.

Year 2 Period 3 (Jan-Mar)

Discrete Mathematics

Mathematical Statistics

Object Oriented Applications

Year 2 Period 4 (Mar-May/Jun)

Computer Communication

Monday (Jan 16:th 2012) started with Discrete Mathematics, where we went through the basics of discrete mathematics and rules. Later we had OOA (Object Oriented Applications) and started with a presentation of what we will do this period, which is basically start using GUI in Java. First an elaboration, creating a small game; “15 Game”, moving 15 squares from one order of 15 to 1 to be ordered 1 to 15 in a grid of 16 (4 by 4) spaces. Then work in projects of 6-7 students and create a game which shall include some communication and of course a GUI.

After the OOA, Adam and I stayed in school and I did almost all of this week’s assignments in discrete.

Tuesday I actually missed school, but the rest of the class had a OOA lecture where they continued to go through GUI objects and then only got some short introduction of Mathematical Statistics, so I didn’t miss much and already gone through at least the OOA part.

Today (Wednesday) half of the class (me included) had our elaboration, to create the 15 game. We sat in school for about 5 hours and have not really finished the assignment, but we have created the GUI with 16 buttons in a grid and have them initialized with text in order 15 to 1 and with the last space/button as blank. Now we are going to continue from home/online and try to finish the eventListener/actionListener and the method if to execute the swap of numbers if the move is legal and signal a beep if the move is illegal.

I hope we can finish this during the evening so I can continue to study some mathematics before bedtime. Want to finish the discrete assignments and then start with the statistical.

Re-exam – Linear Algebra

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Jan 11, 2012 18:46:35

Today I had a re-exam in Linear Algebra….for the fifth time. Even though I have been sick a lot during the Christmas leave and therefore not been able to study as hard as I should have, it went ok and if I am lucky with the teacher’s scoring, I might have passed. Would be wonderful if I did! Really need to pass this course now and move on with the others…

I have another re-exam on Friday in Bärkraftig ResursAnvändning which is an environmental course. I have opened the books once during the holiday and don’t expect to pass it, but I will sleep some now and try to study some during the evening and have tomorrow (my birthday…how fun!) also to study.

Oct 24, 2011 – New study period, 1st day

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Oct 24, 2011 21:40:04

Today was the first day of study period 2, this second year of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

Unfortunately I missed the first lecture, Object Oriented Programming (in Java), but did not really miss much. They went through what will be included in the course and then briefly looked at BlueJ (, which will be the Java Development platform we will use.

Then I attended the lecture in Dynamic Systems & Control Engineering where we also went through what will be included in the course and then started to look at some examples of Controlled Systems.

For example, a complex controlled system is the autopilot on a fighter plane. The system must measure a lot of signals such as speed, altitude, direction, elevation, angle, thrust, weight or fuel tank level(s) a.s.o. and then calculate everything and control the thrust, rudder etc to steer the plane good in wanted direction or towards next way point.

After lunch we had the afternoon free of lectures and we went to the shop, buying the course literature and started to read and answer tasks.

Now, in the evening, I am reading the page 1-37 or if I manage I will also finish tomorrows homework, to page 57 in Control Engineering.

Would also like to go through some Java and try out BlueJ which I have installed 30 minutes ago. We don’t have any Java until Wednesday, so no hurry though.

Oct 4-5, 2011

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Oct 06, 2011 01:11:32

Oct 4, 2011

I stayed at home since I couldn’t sleep during the night and then I read some in the book to understand better how the Linear Systems work with Fourier analysis and Laplace.

Oct 5, 2011

My lab partner and I met 11 AM and continued our work with the assignment in Linear Systems. She had finished the tasks 3a and 3b, drawing it in MatLab. We finished the task 2 and draw it in MatLab.

We continued with the task 1 but then we got stuck and we have some questions to our professor. Then we said that we should read the book regarding how to do the calculation for task 4 and do it ourselves during the evening and meet before lunch tomorrow to check it together and do whatever is required to finish the rest.

We have to hand it in on Monday at the latest.


I have installed MatLab with an academic user license on my laptop and have started to work on the task 3a and 3b by myself to understand it, since my class mate did it on her own and I had not done it.

Then I have been working on task 4, reading an example in the book and then done some calculations. Will try it asap in MatLab and see what happens…how it will look like.

Quite fun when you can test the equations and modify them and just press F5 and see how the graph result is for the new modified equation.

Task 2 – result:

28 Sept to Oct 3, 2011

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Oct 03, 2011 23:58:04

Wednesday, September 28, a couple of class mates and I went to school to study even though we have no lectures on Wednesdays.

We worked some on the Real Time system elaboration and then some Linear Systems.

Thursday, September 29, we had lab in Real Time Systems and created programs in C which worked more or less the same but with parallel processes and swapping between them using semaphores and thereby didn’t have to use IRQ. Only the internal interrupt by the kernel.

After the lab we continued the studying of Linear Systems.

Friday, September 30, we had a lecture in Linear Systems and where we went through the Z transform.

After the lecture we continued studying Linear Systems.

During the weekend (October 1-2) I read some in Linear Systems mainly, but should have read more and done some more calculation.

Today, Monday October 3, some class mates and I started with the assignment we have in Linear Systems which consist of four tasks of which three of them should be done in MathLab. We started to try understand the circuit in the first task which is

a filter circuit consisting of three resistors and one conductor. See assignment attached.

We now know how we can redraw the circuit to easier understand how it is connected and how we can calculate.

13:15 we had an exercise where we got some input regarding the assignment and I remembered correctly and had made the correct conversion.

Our professor also calculated an exercise from the book, 4.45, which is more or less the same as task number 2. Hopefully we can reuse the same method and just add a calculation since there was one resistor and one conductor in parallel instead of only a single resistor.

At 15:15 we had another lecture in Linear Systems where our other professor continued to show us how to work with the Z transform (very similiar to Laplace) and then also showed the inverse of it.

17:00, after the lecture three class mates and I went to get some food and then we continued with the Linear Systems to 19:30.

Tomorrow we will have a lecture 08:30-10:15 in Real Time Systems, 10:30-12:15 Exercise in Real Time Systems, Lunch and 13:15-15:00 Lecture in Linear Systems. After the lectures we have decided to study between 15:00-19:00 (I think we said).

September 27, 2011

Study journal @Chalmers Posted on Sep 27, 2011 23:45:13

08:30-10:00 – Real Time System lecture

We went through how processes are changing using semaphores and how to calculate the response time for processes when scheduling of processes is done is done.

Not sure I am using the correct terminology here, since we are having this and most courses, in Swedish.

We were looking at two different types. Static and Dynamic (according RMSA). You use a formula like this:

Using this formula until you get the same result (and using the result as input for next R3 within the formula continuously) twice, which means you have reached convergence and thereby have found your periodic schedule.

Then there are blocking factors to include if there are any.


Didn’t have any lecture and therefore went to a computer room and started with a lab where we are going to write a main program and a number of processes and functions and use semaphores to control a door.

Then we had lunch at L’s Kitchen at Lindholmen Science Park.

13:15-15:15 – Linear Systems lecture

We started with some repetition from yesterday looking at sampling periods, that the sampling frequency need to be at least two times as high as the frequency which is called the Sampling Theorem.

By sampling more than twice the frequency, you will at some point sample the same frequency as earlier and thereby you have a period which is repeated.

Then we went through Difference Equations and some terminology such as Linear, Time invariant, Causal, Transverse and Recursive.

Also step answer and some other… (but then I had to run out because of my stomach and then went home).

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